Provost's Policy on Employing TAs in Graduate-level Courses

The Dean of the Graduate School must approve all cases in which TAs are to be employed in graduate-level courses.

  1. TAs must not be employed in primary-instructor roles (TA Types 1 or 2) in courses in which graduate students are enrolled. If employed in such courses, TAs must be Type 3 (e.g., lab assistant). 
  2. TAs employed in a graduate-level course must have post-qualifying exam status or a master's plus 18 graduate hours completed in the discipline. Exceptions may be made in cases of established national practice in this discipline. 
  3. TAs must not be in the position of assigning final course grades. TAs may assign grades on daily work, quizzes, notebooks, lab participation, but only if such grades and comments are regularly reviewed by the instructor of record.
  4. A graduate-level course in which a TA is employed must not enroll students who are within the TA’s programmatic cohort (i.e., same program and year).
  5. The DGS in the assigned discipline must see that appropriate faculty oversight of a TA employed in a graduate-level course is in place and maintained throughout the course.

Questions? Contact Dr. Morris Grubbs (257-9725) in The Graduate School.