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Welcome to the Graduate Council web site. From the links above you will be able to access 1) the names and contact information of current Graduate Council members 2) the Graduate Council meeting schedule for the current academic year, as well as agendas and minutes of past meetings 3) a complete list of and status report on current and prior year program proposals and 4) instructions and forms required for submission of new proposals.

The Functions of the Graduate Council are to:

  • consider all proposed new courses and changes in courses which may be used for credit toward a graduate degree. It shall forward to the Undergraduate Council recommendations on all courses numbered 400G-499G.
  • consider all proposed new graduate programs, changes in graduate programs (including degree titles for both graduate program and honorary degrees), forwarding its recommendations to the Senate Council.
  • review all graduate programs and suggest measures to the Graduate Dean designed to maintain acceptable levels of academic quality. Such recommendations may include (1) suspension of programs for a maximum of five years, (2) lifting of suspensions, and (3) termination of programs.
  • review distance learning activities for quality and effectiveness, in keeping with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) substantive changes criteria [US: 4/12/99]
  • periodically review and report to the Graduate Faculty and Senate on the effectiveness of the educational policies of the Graduate School (a) concerning certificates awarded in relation to graduate courses or training, (b) in relation to the education and training of postdoctoral scholars/fellow, and (c) in relation to post-baccalaureate students.
  • periodically make recommendations to the elected faculty representatives in University Senate on the titles used for honorary degrees, and on the conditions of merit and circumstance applied to the award of honorary degrees (GR IV.A,C)

Visit the University Senate for more information on the rules and regulations governing the Graduate Council as well as the Handbook for Committees and Academic Councils.

If you have questions please contact:

Roshan Nikou
Council Coordinator

Dr. Padraic Kenney
Dean of The Graduate School