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The University of Kentucky Graduate School
Academic Services and Records Office

The primary mission of the Academic Services and Records Office is to contribute academic support and services to graduate students as they matriculate and also to ensure the accuracy of all student records, as well as the integrity of policies and procedures involving degree completion.  Our primary “customers” are the graduate students who inquire about, enroll in, and graduate from the university’s graduate programs. In addition, we work closely with the staff, faculty, and administrators of the university’s graduate programs and departments. We also support the interests and needs of our graduate programs by providing timely processing, assistance, training, and guidance. This office understands that the ultimate success of our graduate students and programs depends in part upon the quality of service we provide. Thus, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to all clients.  

Academic Services Team

Ryan Essinger
Academic Affairs Officer
Kaylee Lloyd
Academic Affairs Officer
Bethany Womack
Academic Affairs Officer