Career Resources

Aurora is a faculty job market and professional careers online exploration and planning tool.

ImaginePhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

Additional Resources: 

Wildcat Employment Cheat Sheet
Handout from UK Human Resources on "Four Easy Steps to Find a Job," as well as other financial and employment contact information.

Carpe Careers
InsideHigherEd’s series of essays on career advice for graduate students, written by members of the Graduate Careers Consortium 

Chronicle of Higher Ed | Jobs
The Chronicle of Higher Education’s source for general advice for graduate students and resources on navigating academic jobs

UK's Preparing Future Faculty
Various resources used in the Graduate School's GS 650 course 

My IDP (Individual Development Plan)
Helps science graduate students explore career possibilities and narrow results to those that best fit your skills and interests

Science Careers
Resources that help match scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government

PhDs at Work
Gain insights from PhDs in a wide range of positions -- from Rosemary Feal of the Modern Language Association, to Christopher Thornton of the National Geographic Society, to Aviad Eilam of Rosetta Stone.  Also offers various podcasts and virtual events 

Beyond the Tenure Track
A collection of resources (and PhD Success Blog) by Fatimah Williams Castro

PhD Career Guide
A collection of information and resources on various career paths for PhDs

Higher Education Jobs
A listing of Higher Education jobs from ZipRecruiter, Inc.

Postdoctoral Jobs
A listing of postdoctoral jobs from ZipRecruiter, Inc.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
Sponsored by the UK Office of Faculty Advancement, membership in this nationally recognized independent organization gives you access to online career development, training, and mentoring resources to more than 65 colleges and universities nationwide.

The following are resources for which the James W. Stuckert Career Center purchases annual subscription rights.

For each of these resources, all students need to do is register a profile using a valid email address. The UK email address will identify you as a member of the subscriber group.

A resource that provides access to company contacts and detailed information about companies to assist UK students in navigating the "hidden job market".

An extensive library of preparatory materials and insider's information on leading companies, including industry-specific profiles and resource guides.

A web-based platform for recording practice job interviews. View sample interviews and record and review your own practice interviews. Choose from a catalog of hundreds of interview questions culled from a variety of disciplines and industries.


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