Student Funding

University of Kentucky Graduate School
Office of Finance, Funding, & Analytics

The Graduate School Office of Finance, Funding, & Analytics strives to promote Student Success across all the high-quality graduate programs offered at the University of Kentucky, as well as support all units of the Graduate School, by performing the following functions:

  • Providing budgetary accounting, distribution, and projection functions for the Patterson and Martin Schools as well as all units of the Graduate School, which is critical for those entities to do their important work in promoting student success and the strength of the university as a whole.
  • Applying appropriate tuition scholarships and other financial aid to the more than 2000 funded Graduate Students at UK (TA/RA/GA).
  • Providing tuition scholarships and stipends for students receiving one of the many Fellowships for which the Graduate School holds annual competitions, most of which are under the purview of the Graduate School by stipulation of endowment agreements.
  • Generating reports required by entities outside UK, creating analytics and reporting tools that allow Graduate School staff to more efficiently serve students and programs, and provide foundational assistance to the Institutional Research team (Provost's Office) so that IR can generate the university-vetted Analytics tools critical for awareness of data related to student success and program quality.


Finance, Funding & Analytics Team

Catherine Anderson
Administrative Staff Officer III
Kevin Johnson
Tuition Officer
Brady Stein
Fellowship Officer
Erin Shoot
Informatics Analyst