Graduate Student Success Pathways

Graduate Student Success Pathways is a new initiative designed for students in all stages of graduate study to optimize their educational experience by taking full advantage of the spectrum of professional enhancement and wellness assistance available to them.

We've identified four core dimensions of a well-rounded graduate education:

  • Fulfilling Profession: Develop the skills, knowledge, and experience for a fulfilling career.
  • Impactful Research: Gain the insights and experience necessary to make an impact in your field and beyond.
  • Transformative Teaching: Enhance your career opportunities through the development of a transformative teaching practice.
  • Holistic Wellness: Pursue personal growth through a holistic balance of mental, physical, and financial wellness.

If you imagine those dimensions as interconnected and overlapping, like they are portrayed in the graphic below, then our goal is to nudge you, no matter where you currently are in your progress, closer to the center of this graphic:

To help you along your path, we have created an online portal with resources, initiatives, and actionable steps you can take in each of these four dimensions, at any stage of study, to optimize your graduate experience. Click the link below to get started.


Click here to chart your path to success!