Who Does What

Use the following table to search for Graduate School staff by function.  Click on the contact names to send an email to that contact.


Function Contact Phone Number
Admissions processing
Admissions Officers are assigned by applicant's last name as follows:

A-G : Emily Shearer

H-O : Maureen Barker

P-Z : Marthann Sheldon


Emily Shearer: 859-257-4619

Maureen Barker: 859-257-7129

Marthann Sheldon: 859-257-4615

Admissions policies and procedures Suzanne McGinnis 859-257-4555
Black Graduate and Professional Student Association Advisor  Cleophus Price 859-257-2411
Career Exploration and Preparation (Imagine PhD and Aurora) Morris Grubbs 859-257-9725
Certificate in College Teaching/Learning Morris Grubbs 859-257-9725
Certificate Administration (Graduate) Cleophus Price 859-257-2411
Curriculog Roshan Nikou 859-257-1457
Data Analysis for Programs/Colleges College Tableau Superusers https://www.uky.edu/iraa/tableau-super-users  
Degree Certification/Qual/Defense Academic Affairs Officer for each program: https://gradschool.uky.edu/academic-affairs-officers-0  
DGS and DGC Appointments Roshan Nikou 859-257-1457
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Primary: Cleophus Price

Alternate: Roshan Nikou



Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Academic Affairs Officer for each program: https://gradschool.uky.edu/academic-affairs-officers-0  
ETD Extension Request Cleophus Price 859-257-2411
Fellowships Ossilyn McQuesten 859-257-9684
Final Examination Request Academic Affairs Officer for each program: https://gradschool.uky.edu/academic-affairs-officers-0  
Grad Degree+  Ashley Sorrell 859-323-6807
Graduate Bulletin GS Web Coordinator  
Graduate Council Coordinator Roshan Nikou 859-257-1457
Graduate Faculty Appointments Roshan Nikou 859-257-1457
Graduate/Professional Student Organization Development & Outreach Graduate Student Community Enhancement Coordinator: James Lincoln  
Graduate Student Professional Enhancement Morris Grubbs 859-257-9725
Graduate Student Quality of Life Concerns Graduate Student Community Enhancement Coordinator: James Lincoln  
Graduate Student Success Pathways Chad Gilpin 859-257-4137
GSAS forms Kevin Johnson 859-257-6608
International Graduate Student Initiatives Angela Garner 859-323-4951
Postdoctoral Affairs Joseph Lutz 859-257-2302
Preparing Future Faculty/Professionals Morris Grubbs 859-257-9725
Qualifying Examination Request Academic Affairs Officer for each program: https://gradschool.uky.edu/academic-affairs-officers-0  
Registration Forms Processing (Add/Drop, Credit Overload, Leave of Absence, Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate-Level Course, etc) Tim Emrick 859-257-3603
Sponsored student admissions processing Mary Richardson 859-257-4618
TA Database Chad Gilpin 859-257-4137
TA Development Ashley Sorrell


TA Language Screenings

Angela Garner

Chad Gilpin



TA Observations & Evaluations Chad Gilpin 859-257-4137
TA Orientation Chad Gilpin 859-257-4137
Thomas Clark Graduate Study Morris Grubbs 859-257-9725
Three-Minute Thesis

Morris Grubbs

Ashley Sorrell



Transcript Intake Tim Emrick 859-257-3603
Transfer of Credit Academic Affairs Officer for each program: https://gradschool.uky.edu/academic-affairs-officers-0  
Tuition Scholarships Kevin Johnson 859-257-6608
Work Overload Requests (TA/RA/GA) Kevin Sarge 859-257-8234