Universal RA/GA Tuition Scholarships

Research assistants and graduate assistants receive the same tuition scholarship benefits as teaching assistants.  As part of this policy, all principal investigators who include research or graduate assistants on a grant or contract are required to include a separate budget line for tuition 
in any new proposal submission; the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) has been assisting PIs in meeting this requirement.  For RAs and GAs who are not funded from grants and contracts, departmental funds may be used to provide the Universal 
Tuition Scholarships. 
The Universal Tuition Scholarships for research assistants and graduate assistants will automatically apply to the student's account upon submission and review of a Graduate Student Academic Staff Notice of Appointment (GSAS) form to the Graduate School Funding Office. 
Each fall and spring semester, programs and colleges will receive an invoice for that semester listing all research and graduate assistants who are degree-seeking in their unit, as well as the amount of their Universal Tuition Scholarship charge.  Colleges should review and complete the on-line invoice in order to move the funding to a central pool that has been established to support these scholarships.