UK Women's Forum - New Award for Graduate Students

The University of Kentucky Women’s Forum seeks nominees for the 2021 Sarah Bennett Holmes award which is for and open to individuals and teams for their contributions to issues that affect women at the University and across the Commonwealth. The nomination process also now includes all individuals, regardless of gender identification.
Sarah Bennett Holmes was a distinguished Dean of Women at the University of Kentucky, who tirelessly championed the rights of women throughout her career. Widowed at a young age, Holmes raised four children while completing her own education. She then began a successful career at UK where she inspired young women to persevere in the face of hardship and pursue their career goals. Among her accomplishments, Holmes developed work programs for women during the Depression.

Peer or self-nominations for individuals or teams who exemplify the qualities and legacy of Sarah Bennett Holmes will be accepted through February 14th, 2021. For complete nomination information and eligibility requirements, please visit the UK Women’s Forum website. Submit nominations here.

Questions about these awards can be directed to