Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning Benefits

For Graduate Students and Postdocs, and Faculty Participants

  • The certificate curriculum provides an organized, well-defined professional development curriculum culminating in a tangible credential documenting accomplishments.
  • Many of the courses in the certificate curriculum require participants to develop, and get feedback on, materials for their job search process in higher education and the courses they will teach once employed.
  • Participants in the Certificate curriculum have the information to enable them to better prepare for a faculty position that is a good match with their goals and values.
  • Course work and experiences in the certificate curriculum help participants develop skills that can lower their stress in teaching and provide more time for other activities of faculty life — and life as a graduate student or postdoc.

For Faculty and Departments

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning can:

  • assist recruitment efforts. Scores of universities, including eighteen of UK 's benchmark institutions, have certificates in college teaching (or equivalent funded fellowships). Lack of a credential certificate could negatively effect efforts to attract the best and brightest graduate students.
  • improve job placement for graduates. A Certificate adds additional credentialing that can prove critical in obtaining a first faculty position, thus enhancing the long-term reputation of graduate faculty.
  • provide recognition for graduate student professional development and teaching-related efforts. A Certificate also provides recognition to faculty for the work they do in providing professional development opportunities for graduate students.
  • provide additional resources and avenues for TA Development and PFF efforts. While many of the courses for the Certificate are in place now, the addition of a structured mentored practicum experience and the possibility of independent R&D work add additional options for departmental efforts.
  • provide incentives to graduate students for enhancing their teaching skills now. Enhancing the teaching skills of graduate students now enhances the experiences of their undergraduate students at UK .
  • provide opportunities for increased dialogue among students and faculty around issues of academic life and college teaching.

For the University of Kentucky

Indirectly, this Certificate can lead to:

  • improved undergraduate instruction .
  • recognition as an institution that values graduate student development.
  • enhanced reputation as major university .
  • a stronger graduate student/postdoc body .
  • stronger recognition of UK 's role as an institution that fosters quality instruction .

For Kentucky

Many faculty at Kentucky 's community colleges, colleges, and universities received their doctoral or terminal degrees at UK. These graduates, who teach our K-12 teachers, our future state legislators, and others who have an impact on culture and educational quality in the state, are central improving the range of educational experience in Kentucky . Improving their success is a long-term investment in the future of the Commonwealth.

For more information, contact the Certificate Coordinator, Dr. Morris Grubbs, at or (859) 257-9725.