GradDegree+: A Graduate Student's Professional Tool-Kit


GradDegree+ is an avenue for graduate students to develop and refine transferable skills highly sought by employers. Students build their own personalized GradDegree+ toolkit by completing modular tracks (Leadership, Communication, Pedagogical Theory, etc.) that can stand alone or be combined with additional tracks to undergird degree program content and skills gained in research and teaching.  

Courses such as "Basics of Leadership," "Managing Conflict," and "Organizational Ethics" aid graduate students in becoming well-rounded professionals while in graduate school and prepare them to succeed in whatever path(s) they choose beyond graduate school.

Tracks are:

  1. Communication;
  2. Creative Problem-Solving;
  3. Diversity;
  4. Leadership;
  5. Pedagogical Development; and
  6. Professional Computing.

In addition to in-depth track content, workshops will provide students with opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary networking and develop individualized pivot development plans.

Communication Track Components (complete three)

Communicating across Cultures
Communicating with Success
Presentation Principles (this is a two-part course)
Principles of Business Writing

Creative Problem-Solving Track Components (complete three)

From Deciding to Doing
Using Time Wisely
Facing the Challenge of Change
Liberating Structures: Tools to Drive Excellence, Inclusion, & Innovation

Diversity Track Components (complete three)

Basics of Diversity
Unconscious Bias (this is a three-part course)
Generations in the Workplace
Personality Differences

Leadership Track Components (complete three)

Basics of Leadership
Managing Staff Conflict
Organizational Ethics
Developing a Winning Image

Pedagogical Development Track Components (This track is delivered by CELT in coordination with The Graduate School)

The Pedagogical Development Track is for graduate students interested in developing and improving their pedagogical approach while also identifying and expanding upon skills used in teaching that are transferable beyond academia.

Registration for the 2022-2023 cohort of GradDegree+ Pedagogy Track is now open. Click here for more information and to apply by Sept. 2nd.

Contact Dr. Ashley Sorrell, CELT faculty instructional consultant and assistant director of Graduate Student Professional Enhancement, if you have further questions about this track.

Professional Computing Track Components (complete three)

If you know the basics in some of these programs and would like to take more advanced computing courses, you may do so from the selections offered by HR Training and Development.

Access: Introduction
Acrobat Pro: Introduction
Captivate: Introduction
Excel: Introduction
One Note: Introduction
Outlook: Introduction
PowerPoint: Introduction

Program requirements may change over time. Contact Chad Gilpin if you have questions. If a workshop is not listed in the tracks above, but you wish to request it be considered for credit, please ask. The Graduate School reserves the right to count or not count requested courses as it deems appropriate.

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