Application Status


Letters of acceptance will be sent from the Graduate School. Accepted students may also receive a letter from the program they applied to, giving details of their offer of admission.

The Graduate School will notify applicants if they have been rejected. The most common reasons for rejection are undergraduate academic performance and test scores that are not competitive with other applicants. Other reasons are TOEFL scores below the minimum, a poor fit between the student's research interests or career goals and the graduate program, lack of space in the program for additional students, and no financial aid for an applicant who says he/she cannot come without financial support.

Applicants who are rejected are eligible to reapply to the same program or apply to another program for a future semester. A new on-line application and another application fee will need to be submitted. The Graduate School will hold all original supporting materials (transcripts, GRE scores etc.) for one year. If reapplying to the same program, supplying any additional information can strengthen your application.

Students who have been admitted to a program (for example, for fall 2014) and wish to defer entry for one semester (to spring 2015), must notify their admissions officer by email prior to the last day to register for classes for fall 2014. Upon receipt of this request the officer will seek approval from the DGS by email. If approved, the student will receive a new letter of admission with the change of matriculation date. If a newly admitted student fails to request an update, he/she must reapply for admission and must pay the application fee again.

The University of Kentucky and the Graduate School cannot give information about admittance or rejection over the telephone. According to the rights of privacy specified by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, we cannot divulge confidential information over the telephone because we cannot verify the identity of the caller. 

If you have not applied to the Graduate School at The University of Kentucky yet, submit an application via the Application Portal