Universal RA/GA Tuition Rates

The Graduate School provides projections for RA and GA tuition scholarship rates. Due to the unpredictability of tuition costs, we periodically review and revise these rates in an effort to provide estimates for grant and budget planning.

The Graduate School will pay the standard graduate tuition rate each fall and spring semester. Regardless of projections, we reserve the right to change the actual recharged amount in order to prevent a deficit on Graduate School expenditures for RA/GA tuition. These changes will be reflected during the RA/GA invoice process each semester.

The schedule of RA/GA tuition:

Please see that these tuition rates are incorporated into all future grant proposals, as appropriate. For those current grants that can be revised, grantees should increase the amount of the tuition paid by the grant for future years. Universal RA/GA Tuition does not apply to training grants. The tuition rate that is utilized for graduate students on training grants are the actual costs of tuition based on their residency status.  Tuition for training grants should be included on a SAG (Scholarship and Grant Authorization) form and submitted to Student Financial Aid.

The following rates are for standard graduate tuition for one academic year (two semesters and full-time enrollment), and are calculated at the In-State rate. These rates include the standard graduate tuition and all mandatory fees; they do not include student specific fees (potential course, program, and/or other fees). Based on recent tuition increases, it is recommended to include a 3% annual escalation on grant proposals for Tuition and mandatory fees and for the Student Health Insurance.


Academic Year Tuition and Mandatory Fees
2018-2019 $12,572
2019-2020 $12,924
2020-2021 $13,058
2021-2022 $13,234
2022-2023 $13,946
2023-2024 $14,330


Health insurance rates are as follows:


Academic Year Premium
2018-2019 $2,200
2019-2020 $2,641
2020-2021 $2,641
2021-2022 $2,641
2022-2023 $2,654
2023-2024 $2,654