Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning Curriculum


Upon completion of the College Teaching and Learning Certificate, recipients will:

  • be well-prepared for all aspects of faculty life, including teaching, research and service responsibilities.
  • have a broad and deep understanding of the multiple roles of faculty across a range of institutions.
  • have both theoretical and practical understanding of teaching and learning.
  • have a validated teaching experience, mentored by strong faculty and designed to promote reflection and growth.
  • have a well-developed teaching philosophy and portfolio.
  • be ready to effectively teach in their discipline to a broad array of students.
  • have well-honed skills important to their particular situations and interests (i.e., Grant Writing, Diversity, Working with First-Year Students, Instructional Technologies, Assessment .


Required Courses

  • EPE 672 College Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours) [yearly, usually Fall and Summer I]
  • GS 650 Preparing Future Faculty (2 credit hours) [every semester]
  • GS 699 Practicum in College Teaching (3 credit hours) [every semester and summer term]
    (Note: Students must submit the Practicum in College Teaching [GS 699] Application for Admission at least one full semester before they would like to do the Practicum.)
  • Department-based teaching course (if available) (1-3 credit hours) [offering schedule varies by department]. If such a course is not available, students are required to take GS 610.

Remaining credit hours should be selected from the following list of elective courses, or additional department-based teaching courses.

Suggested Elective Courses

  • EPE 674 Theories of Student Development (3 credit hours) [summer only]
  • GS 610 Seminar in College Teaching (1 credit hour) [spring and fall]
  • GS 620 Seminar on Teaching in the 21st century (1-2 credit hours) [irregular offering]. Repeatable, with different topics. Topics may include:
    • Diversity in the College Classroom
    • Classroom research and assessment
    • Understanding, challenging, and supporting first year students
  • GS 630 Instructional Technology (1 credit hour) [yearly, Spring]
  • GS 640 Grant Writing (3 credit hours) [yearly, Fall]
  • GS 695 Research and Development Problems in College Teaching and Learning (1-6 credit hours, repeatable to a maximum of 6 credit hours) [available every semester, with permission at least one semester in advance]
  • Various 600-level EPE courses relevant to faculty life and work in higher education (approval required)

Faculty Director, Certificate in College Teaching and Learning: Dr. Jeffery Bieber (

Administrative Director, Preparing Future Faculty Program: Dr. Morris Grubbs (see below for contact info)

For more information or questions about course rotation, contact Dr. Morris Grubbs at or (859) 257-9725.