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If you receive notification that you cannot access this area or there are additional staff in your area who use these reports, please request access to the Graduate Data Portal and Student Detail projects through the Tableau users page.

The reports below replace those previously available through GRADS on the For DGS and For Deans pages. Masters/Specialist Degree Candidate Forms and Fellowship Nomination Lists are the only items that can still be found by logging into GRADS.


College Tableau Super User List

College Primary Super Users - Tableau data specialists available to assist in college and program-specific reporting and data interpretation.



ApplyYourself WebCenter - Applicant Review (login with ApplyYourself credentials)

Graduate Admissions Selectivity and Yield - Selectivity and yield data for graduate-level programs. Note: The Admissions data model is undergoing revision by Advanced Analytics. Workbook will be restored once this is finalized.

GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and TOEFL Scores - Test scores relevant to graduate admissions


Enrollment and Progression

Specializations Headcount - Enrolled students in each specialization including demographics, time series, and percent change.

Graduate Student Retention - NEW

Graduate Student Time to Degree and Graduation Rates

Graduate Credit Hours - Data on credit hours attempted/earned in graduate-level courses as well as schedule-level detail on graduate student attempted/earned credit hours.

Graduate Student GPAs, Credit Hours, and 748/767 Enrollments - Graduate student GPA data including Attempted Hours, Earned Hours, Quality Points and enrollment data for 748 and 767 courses.

Graduate Program Inventory - Comprehensive listing of graduate-level programs.



Applications for Degree - Data about applications for degree.

Graduate Degrees Awarded - Degrees awarded data including timeseries, single year, percent change, demographic, and specialization information.


Graduate Funding

GSAS Users - GSAS Users by College, Department, Org Unit, and Role. This report is a reference for departments in maintaining accurate GSAS user access. Please review periodically. If you need to request access, please send your LinkBlue ID and all the Org Unit numbers (30000..., 3101....) you need access to, to Also, if individuals no longer working for you are listed here, please contact to update.

767 Plus Additional Class - Frequency of situations where students enrolled in 767 courses are also enrolled in additional courses.


Graduate School Training Attendance

GSAS Training - Attendance data from Graduate School training classes.


Graduate Professional Development

Coming soon.


Graduate School GRADS Database (GRADS login required)


The GRADS Database for the Directors of Graduate Studies includes access to important information including Master's/Specialist Degree Candidate Forms and Fellowship Nominations*.

*If you encounter error message of “Student Not Found,” please contact Ossilyn McQuesten so she can update the internal database which will enable you to process your nomination.

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