Preparing Future Faculty

Preparing Future Faculty: GS 650


PFF Mentee & Mentor Responsibilities

CPE List of (and Links to) Postsecondary Institutions in Kentucky

Institutional Fit Rubric

PowerPoints and PDFs (others may be added as semester progresses)

  1. Selected National PFF slides
  2. Overview of American Higher Education Institutional Types
  3. Highlights from “What Colleges and Universities Want in New Faculty”
  4. Overview of Independent Higher Education
  5. 2015 AIKCU Annual Report to CPE (Council on Postsecondary Education)
  6. Tables from ANAC Survey of New Faculty
  7. Advice on Building the Curriculum Vitae
  8. Advice on Writing Faculty Application Letters, Teaching Philosophy Statements, and Research Statements
  9. The CV & Letter of Application (From Univ. of Chicago's Career Advising & Planning Services)
  10. Grading Rubric for Letter and CV
  11. Distilling the Message (Stony Brook University)


Recommended Reading

Links may be added as the semester progresses.

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