Curriculum Vitae Collection Site for Primary-Instructor TAs

SACS requires a CV for all TAs with autonomous, primary-instructor responsibilities (those classified as Type 1 in the SLCM database). You may fulfill the CV submission requirement by uploading your CV below.


If you have a CV that is ready to upload:

If you already have an up-to-date CV reflecting your most recent activities, you may upload it as a pdf (be sure to follow the file-naming conventions given in the form). NOTE: UPLOAD LINK IS NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE.


If you do not currently have a CV, or if you want to enhance your existing CV:

If you would like to use this opportunity to build a strong (or stronger) foundational CV, which you can continue to develop throughout your career as a student and professional, below you will find links to a template and a PowerPoint. Don't forget to save it as a pdf and upload it at the link above.

Click here for basic CV Template (which emphasizes teaching)

Click here for PowerPoint on building a CV

Questions? Contact Dr. Morris A. Grubbs at (859-257-9725), 103 Gillis Building, 40506-0033