COVID-19 and Spring 2021 Updates

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University of Kentucky



For guidance for researchers from University of Kentucky Research, see:


Student Resources

  • UK Student Health: Online Health Appointments  -
  • KORU Mindfulness classes online:
  • UK Learn Anywhere: Remote Learning Resources -
  • Big Blue Pantry:
  • Basic Needs:
  • CARES Act Emergency Grant for Students (available to eligible domestic students but not international students): Domestic students should check the FAQ on the Financial Aid and Scholarships site at . Note that the CARES funding is available to continuing (enrolled for summer or fall) domestic students who (1) have completed a FAFSA and (2) meet the Title IV eligibility requirements.  If you have students who believe they may be eligible but have not not completed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid; many students on assistantships or fellowships do not routinely submit one), then there may still be time to complete and submit one for a subsequent round of CARES funding.  Students should consult the above FAQ for more details. Financial Aid Counselor contact information is here:  Students should discuss options with the appropriate Financial Aid Counselor before pursuing completion of a new FAFSA. 
  • UK’s Student Emergency Fund (available to ALL students): Students (domestic and international) who are not eligible/do not meet the thresholds for CARES funding, and who are in need of financial assistance to meet basic needs, should contact UK’s Community of Concern/Basic Needs/Financial Wellness in the Dean of Students Office in SAL (Student and Academic Life) to request assistance from the Student Emergency Fund.  The referral form is here:  To be eligible for CoC’s assistance, students must be registered for a current (Summer) or upcoming (Fall) term.    Note that the form may be completed by the student in need of assistance or by an advisor or other faculty or staff member who is referring the student. 
  • Childcare and Dependent Grants are available to full or part-time students to help them pay for cost associated with their care through the Student Government Association. Some examples of what is eligible for funding are: diapers(child/adult), formula, daycare, and in home care. Should you have any specific questions please reach out to


UK Graduate School

**The Graduate School staff is currently operating remotely.  Please consult the "Who Does What" page to search for Graduate School staff by function, or consult our Staff Directory for a comprehensive staff listing.



ETS is now offering online testing for GRE and TOEFL starting March 27, 2020 in all countries except Iran and mainland China.

Additional online testing also available for:

If you have questions, all Graduate School Admissions staff are available via email, phone, or Zoom.




Policies on master’s final examinations, qualifying examinations, and doctoral final examinations during the COVID-19 disruption 

The Graduate School’s Academic Services Office stands ready remotely to accommodate any adjustments needed to help our master’s and doctoral candidates complete the defense/exam as planned. The following procedures are in place at least through the end of the spring semester.    

  • All defense/exams should be conducted via Zoom or equivalent. Since no common physical room will be used, please enter the word “online” on the examination form.    
  • New defenses/exams may be scheduled and conducted. If an already scheduled exam or defense needs to be rescheduled, please notify your Academic Affairs Officer who will work with you on establishing a new date. 
  • As per usual practice, all members of the committee must maintain contact for the full duration of the exam/defense. 


Recording Final Exam/Qualifying Exam results options: 

Option 1 – *Chair of committee saves the exam card as a pdf, then uses the “Fill & Sign” feature in Adobe to send to committee members and DGS. Once all have responded, the completed card should be forwarded to the Student Affairs Officer.

Option 2 – *Chair of committee forwards original exam card email to all members. Each member Replies All and votes in succession (an email chain) after which Chair forwards the complete email chain to the DGS. This can be done at the conclusion of the zoom meeting while all members are still online. DGS forwards to Student Affairs Officer.

Option 3 - *Chair of committee forwards original exam card email to all members. The members can electronically sign the card and indicate pass/fail (or print/sign/scan/attach in email) and send to committee chair with their decision. Once all members have replied, combine all “cards” into one pdf and send to DGS who forwards the single pdf to Student Affairs Officer. Alternatively, if card is digitally signed in succession (email chain), each one will be signing the same card.

*DGS or DGS’ Staff can be the person sending the exam card to all members of the Committee.


New Deadlines 

To view the new deadlines in effect for students seeking a December degree, visit our Key Dates page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Graduate Academic Affairs officer assigned to your program. 


National Council of Graduate Schools

The Council of Graduate Schools has a central webpage for resources related to the COVID-19 crisis and graduate education. This hub includes information on recent CGS initiatives and programs; CGS member initiatives; federal and state policy information; information on financial aid; and resources for international graduate students. Check in often, since this resource will be frequently updated with new information as it becomes available.

For COVID-19 Legislative and Regulatory Updates, check here.

The Council of Graduate Schools has additional statements and resources on its Coronovirus webpage, including federal agency guidance (NSF and NIH, etc.), APLU member responses, and other information. 

CGS Calls For Action To End Racism And Injustice