Graduate Diversity Advisory Council

The Graduate Diversity Advisory Council (GDAC) was re-established in Fall 2015. The GDAC works with the colleges and the Directors of Graduate Students to broaden the pool of applicants and promotes holistic review of applications as a strategy for improving enrollment of diverse students.

The Council consists of diversity officers and recruiters representing all colleges across campus, as well as representatives from diverse student groups. The University of Kentucky’s new strategic plan challenges us to “recruit and retain outstanding graduate students from all backgrounds” and this Council’s emphasis is on the recruitment of highly talented graduate students to the University of Kentucky’s graduate programs. The council works in a collaborative and advisory manner with all stakeholders across campus.

The current members are:

  • Pat Bond, The Graduate School
  • Christopher Carney, Gatton College of Business and Economics
  • Laverne Carter, College of Public Health
  • Regina Dawson, College of Education
  • Micah Dean, College of Law
  • Jenna DeMastes, College of Education
  • Chester Grundy, College of Medicine
  • Christine Harper, College of Denistry
  • Jennifer Hatcher, College of Nursing
  • William Henderson, College of Engineering
  • Chastity Holliman-Douglas, Health Colleges Student Diversity Services
  • Bobi Ivanov, College of Communication and Information
  • Erica Littlejohn, Student Representative
  • Denovia Love-Vaughn, College of Social Work
  • Jason Mitchell, College of Pharmacy
  • Adriana Rivera, Student Representative
  • Ashley Ruderman, Student Representative
  • Casey Shadix, College of Health Sciences
  • Clayton Thyne, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Quentin Tyler, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Emily Underwood, College of Social Work

For more information about the Graduate Diversity Advisory Council, contact: 
Dr. Cleo Price
Assistant Dean for Graduate Diversity Outreach and Student Records
105-A Gillis Building