Blue-Ribbon Committee for Graduate Education Envisions Future of Graduate Student Experience

By Sarah Geegan; Savanah Sellars for UKNow

In conjunction with objective two of the UK Strategic Plan, which focuses on graduate education, the Office of the Provost charged a Blue-Ribbon Committee for Graduate Education with envisioning the future of the graduate student experience and developing a rigorous intellectual vision for graduate education.

To begin this work, the Blue-Ribbon Committee has developed a web-based survey that will soon be distributed to Graduate Faculty across the UK campus.  After survey data is collected, several open forums offering an opportunity for members of the University community to provide further input and opinions regarding graduate education will be scheduled.

The Blue-Ribbon Committee was formed in cooperation with the UK Graduate School and University Senate Council to perform a comprehensive analysis of Graduate Education at our institution. Ultimately, the Blue-Ribbon Committee is tasked with “envisioning the graduate student experience and developing a rigorous intellectual vision for the University of Kentucky’s graduate education mission for the next 10-15 years.”

“Graduate education is the linchpin of any research university,” said Provost Tim Tracy. “It spans all missions, playing an integral role in the success of undergraduate education, research, and departmental success. At the same time, we recognize that the scope of professional opportunities for UK’s graduate students is changing in fundamental ways.”

The assembled committee of faculty and students will work through the spring 2017 semester with the support of the Office of the Provost to deliver a comprehensive set of recommendations in the fall 2017 semester, after distributing surveys, hosting panels and examining a robust set of data.

After the final report is released and recommendations adopted, the colleges, necessary campus entities and deliberative bodies will begin implementation in January 2018. 

Members of the Provost’s Blue-Ribbon Committee on Graduate Education:

Carl Mattacola, Health Sciences, Chair
Brett Spear, Medicine, Co-chair
Mark Coyne, Agriculture, Food &  Environment
Mark Lauersdorf, Arts & Sciences
Sarah Lyon, Arts & Sciences
Jenny Minier, Business & Economics
Terry Lennie, Nursing
Beth Barnes, Communication
Greg Luhan, Design
Beth Rous, Education
David Puleo, Engineering
Zach Hilt, Engineering
Rachel Shane, Fine Arts
Donna Kwon, Fine Arts
Katie Cardarelli, Public Health
Gabriela Jiskrova, student
Kaylynne Glover, student
Donna Arnett, dean
Kip Guy, dean
Mark Kornbluh, dean
Ann Vail, dean
David Brennen, dean (Ex-Officio)