Underrepresented Minority Graduate Scholars Mentoring Program

The URM Program was designed to provide students who receive minority fellowships with a mentor. The program was launched in Fall 2016 and will continue to grow and improve. The mentees are graduate students who either receive the Lyman T. Johnson Fellowship, the Southern Regional Education Board Fellowship, or the Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering Fellowship. The mentors are professors throughout the university who willingly volunteered to participate in the program.


Testimonial from Cheavar Blair
Physiology, Class of 2017

Photo of Cheavar Blair 
Dr. Kenneth Campbell has served as my mentor for the past 4 years, and we have fostered a great student-mentor relationship. I look forward to us building on this relationship as members of the Underrepresented Minority (URM) Graduate Scholar Mentoring Program. This program will provide us with resources to strengthen our student-mentor relationship.

Although Dr. Campbell is a caucasian male, he is very cognizant of the issues I deal with as an African American male. I know this to be true as we quite frequently have conversations about those issues. I find it very comforting that my mentor is empathetic of the racial issues I face, and that he will stand with me and fight for me if I were to ever face any of those issues on campus.